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CEO provides transition and employment opportunities for students and adults in special education, 504 and general education by addressing the “Big Picture”. We are dedicated to providing systematic solutions for the chronic problem of unemployment for individuals with disabilities.  

Why CEO?

Did you know: In New York State, individuals with disabilities are employed at a 44% lower rate than individuals without disabilities?


At CEO, we believe this social disparity is not to be managed but changed.  To create change, we commit to constantly being in motion. We commit ourselves to excellence by consistently reinventing all we do to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. In doing so, we empower our students and clients to achieve their vocational and transition goals. Using evidence-based systems based on NTACT (National Technical Assistance Center on Transition) standards, CEO trains our staff to implement services using proven models of instruction and programming. 

Master Level Job Coaching

Our Career Consultants (Job Coaches) mostly hold certifications in Special Education, Guidance Counseling or Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling. We provide an intensive training and supervision for all CEO Career Consultants to ensure highest level of service. CEO’s job placement through ACCES-VR is rated 30% higher than our competitors in both Long Island region and statewide.


CEO’s Creative Curriculum

CEO has developed a comprehensive curriculum, entitled “Career Services for People in and Beyond Special Education.”  Our comprehensive curriculum contains 17 units and over 160 individual lessons on career development topics ranging from filling out a job application to starting your own business.  For our school programs, the curriculum is aligned with the New York State Career Development Occupational Studies (CDOS) Commencement Credential, and each lesson contains handouts and assessments differentiated for learning ability. For our adult and ACCES-VR consumers, our Career Consultants have the option to select lessons that meet the individual needs of the job seeker.  Our curriculum is regularly reviewed and edited with up-to-date, evidence-based practices, and is accessible to our career consultants 24/7 via our virtual system known as Transmetrics.


Connecting Curriculum to the World of Work

Our comprehensive curriculum, “Career Services for People in and Beyond Special Education,” is designed to prepare students and job seekers to be competitive in the world of work. The extensive curriculum provides instruction and practice beyond the technical elements of job seeking, such as applications, interviews, and resumes. While those concepts are important in obtaining a job, at CEO we believe it is essential that individuals also learn the skills to keep and maintain a job. Our curriculum includes lessons on good worker traits, such as, interacting with supervisors, getting along with coworkers, preparing for transportation to work, and managing job stress. It is CEO’s philosophy that that these soft skills and social skills, are equally as important as the technical skills of obtaining employment.


Successful and Satisfied Employees

Employee satisfaction is an important element within a business because it directly relates to the productivity of employees. Workers who experience high employee satisfaction are generally more productive. Our programs at CEO,  provide supreme quality of service to our districts, students, clients and businesses to ensure employee success and satisfaction.

CEO Authors

Nicholas A. Villani
President & CEO
Dr. Heather Robertson,PhD, CRC, LMHC
Learning and Training Coordinator
Dr. Eric Shyman
Education Consultant