Position title
Special Education Teacher/Guidance Counselor - Western Suffolk and Nassau
  • Job Description
    The Career Consultant will provide instruction regarding the CEO curriculum, vocational assessments, job development, career development training that includes; resume and portfolio, interview training and other skills related to student and consumer’s career skills and outcomes. The position also requires the Career Consultant to ensure that all documentation, billing and interactions with school districts, ACCES/VR, private pay clients are on time, follow appropriate procedures and documents are constructed with care and quality. This position is part-time, approximately 20-30 hours per week, with potential for full-time hours with experience. Salary range $24.00-$30.00 per hour.
    Job Requirements
  • Certified Special Education Teacher, Certified School Guidance Counselor, MSW, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, MBA.
  • Professional Business Attire Required.

Job Duties

  • Provide students/consumers with a positive environment and effective counseling to assist them in achieving their career and community goals.
  • Enable students/clients to be able to perform effectively in community based worksites using the self-direction and other CEO instructional formats.
  • Work with student/consumer’s families to ensure that they are active participants in the employment process.
  • Effectively able to utilize and modify the CEO curriculum “Career Services…” for each of the students they provide instruction for.
  • Provide information and goal activity for any CSE or ACCES/VR planning meeting.
    Perform Level I Vocational Assessments as well as perform all appropriate inventories and assessments pertaining to their student’s transition.
  • Assist in the transition and notification of all graduating senior and their linkages to ACCES, CBVH, OPWDD or OMH.
  • Attendance at PD trainings regarding regulatory issues and changes in processes related to the job.
  • Ensure all student scheduling reports and district activities are submitted on time and accurate using our Transmetrics database system.
  • Weekly Planners
  • Monthly Calendars * Attendance at all regional meetings or meetings requested through CEO in regards to the implementation and operations of services.
  • Ensure documentation regarding activities that are planned have been implemented and reflect the documentation submitted.
  • Oversee job placements, community access activities and internship sites for the students the Career Consultant provides services to. For example:
  • Job Analysis Form
  • Task Analysis Form
  • Industry Standard
  • Monthly Evaluation
  • Work-Based Learning Standards Forms
  • Student/Consumer Related Services
  • Prepare and report on and implement transition documents and outcomes for all students. (career plans, employability profiles, etc.)

Job Development

  • Provide necessary job development for placement into internships, job placement, WOW Tours, and/or mentor programs for the students/consumers we serve.
  • Work with supervisor to develop marketing plans for student/consumer needs and district programs requirements.
  • Contribute routinely to the job bank of businesses that are interested in participating with CEO in some capacity.

Knowledge Base

    • Skill and proficiency in the instruction to students and adults with special needs.
    • Understanding of the process of providing instruction to students in special education and use of differentiated instruction and accommodations for instruction.
    • Proficiency in the instruction of transition activities.
    • Be able to provide information to students, their families, and district staff regarding instruction of transition curriculum.
    • Be able to relay information regarding the fundamentals of state sponsored adult funding service agencies.
    • Able to interpret and utilize vocational assessments as defined by NYSED and ACCES/VR in student/client services.
    • Able to schedule and implement worksite instruction as defined by CEO that follows NTACT and ACCES/VR guidelines.
    • Able to provide students with post-secondary preparation programming designed by CEO.
    • Job Type: Part-time

Position: Special Education Teacher/Guidance Counselor - Western Suffolk and Nassau

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