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Career Services for People In & Beyond Special Education

image004 (7)     CEO is proud to announce the availability to the school districts and adults we serve our new curriculum “Career Services for People In & Beyond Special Education. This curriculum and web-based program interfaces with CDOS Standards and enables a district, their students and adults to meet the new regulatory requirements while preparing people for new American world of work. It enables a school district to document, monitor and track their student’s performance through CEOTrackit, a computer program designed by CEO that provides monthly reports to school districts.

What compelled us at CEO to embark on such an ambitious project was to create continuity and quality into every session of instruction that our Career Consultant’s engage in. We wanted to ensure that our staff, our districts, our students and their families all had the structure that they understood to not only meet CDOS Standards, but also met the requirements of today’s workforce.   Conceptualized through W.E. Deming’s quality management systems, CEO has taken the variation out of the instruction of Career Services, but left the creativity in.

This curriculum propels CEO into one of the few, if not only agency that has risen to invest considerably in innovation for solutions to address new regulations. We refused to not just react to the new credentials and standards, but create solutions for the people we serve.

Please click HERE to access our Curriculum Presentation.


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